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Dear David, God of this story, please hear my prayer!
Please don't let it end this way; give the people the cream! Let all this sadness made by bad, creamless people be part of the cream's own plan to improve us all.
Don't let Dr. Bellifer rot in a cell for lack of love... or enough of his own invention to get himself out.
That doesn't make sense and is horrible!
Please make everything better!
And thank you for the cream.


I like this one.
Got a bit worried when the girl changed, but fortunately, it was written better than expected.

Good work!


I like, like.
This is some imagination tickling stuff.
Nice work on the Extra Credits style!
One thing though... Budda lived in India about 500 BC. Does this story imply that there were other mystics of Tibet before him?

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Great job!
Lots of potential here.
The initial feeling was one of sweet, sweet nostalgia (I enjoyed mega-manning my way around the intro level very much). Then comes the sudden meaty boss fight. -Took me a couple of goes. Wasn't sure if I was doing it right when the monsters appeared to spawn randomly. Also the hit indication on the enemies seems to be different between the Shuriken and blade. Shuriken turned out to be the most effective way to tackle the big dudes on the ground, but I wasn't sure that was a winning strategy until it was over. (Maybe I just suck :D)
Also getting surrounded by baddies was the worst, but I got the hang of it eventually. Is there away to have Azumi stomp on smaller enemies when landing right on them? SQUISH! That's be awesome.
I love the art direction and music! Though I hope to see more animation. It's a got a lot of potential for some cool death animations ala Metal Slug. Also Azumi has only one arm? Will she ever get a wicked Big Boss style prosthetic? That'd be cool!
I'd better stop. This looks sweet, guys!


This needs a Wii or Xbox controller...
And I should have had to pay $15 bucks to play.


Well done!

Kajenx responds:

Try Joy2Key and a gamepad!

Oh yes. I did like.

Well done!

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Love the flute segment!

Awesome loop. Great job!

Are you intending to make the whole thing?

Good Heavens that's sweet.

What's your program, sir?

Peace by wretched piece.

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